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Terms and Conditions

Warranties on all products are set forth by each respective manufacture.  There are no returns or exchanges on any amateur radio equipment including linear amplifiers.  Warranties on equipment do not include abuse.  Linear amplifiers do not come with a warranty on transistors due to the fact that transistors fail mainly due to abuse and overheating.  Radios with custom work done to them come with the manufacture's warranty.  The manufacture reserves the right to declare some custom work to void parts of their warranty.  Any items that are returned for any reason, ie. warranty, must have a return authorization number from ePowerAmps and the item must include that number clearly marked on the outside of the return box.  The buyer must enclose a receipt as well as their current contact information.  The item must be returned in the original box with adequate packaging and insurance.  The buyer is responsible for the safe return of the item.

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